Cutting fuel costs by switching

Of the big six suppliers five have increased their standard tariff prices this year and yesterday British Gas increased electricity prices by 12.5%. As a result, the annual energy bill paid by households, without a contract deal in place, will on average be £1,151.

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So, what can you do?

You could reduce your annual bill by hundreds of pounds by switching, as those customers on some of the cheapest tariffs are seeing annual bills of around £800. If you are in a fixed deal which is ending soon, your supplier will automatically move you to a standard variable rate tariff (SVR). You could find that this will add around an extra £262 to your annual bill according to First Utility. These tariffs are ones where the supplier can significantly increase costs. Although the Government has announced plans to cap the charges made by suppliers on SVRs, you don’t have to wait, you can make the savings now by SWITCHING. The control the Big SIX has on the energy market is beginning to reduce as more households move to smaller suppliers.

How to Switch

There is plenty of choice, whether you want to stay on an SVR or go into a fixed agreement, the savings can be as much as £300 annually. If you have been with your supplier for a long time you may find that you could save much more than suggested. Switching is easier than ever, just go to and enter your postcode. You may also require some details of your current usage, supplier and whether you are on an SVR or the type of fixed arrangement you are in, so have a copy of your latest bill to hand. Don’t wait get switching today and start saving some money.

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