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    *Representative Example £3,000 over 3 years, representative 48.9% APR fixed. Monthly payment £145.17. The interest is 10% per annum fixed and service fee is 30.48% per annum fixed. Interest payable £549.95 and service fee payable £1,676.17. Total repayable £5,226.12.

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    *The expected return is between 8% - 10%. This expected return is before tax, assumes you re-invest throughout the term and there are sufficient funds in the reserve fund in the event of a default. Your capital is at risk and your money is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

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Who can Guarantor My Loan?

Do you know a homeowner who trusts your capability to repay the loan? Your guarantor can be a friend, colleague or family member (except your spouse or partner) and must also have a good credit record themselves to keep up repayments on your behalf if necessary.

Get the money you need in four simple steps

  • Apply online - it takes about 5 minutes
  • Find a guarantor
  • We’ll call you and your guarantor to discuss the loan and ensure that the repayments are affordable
  • Once your loan is approved, the cash will be paid through your guarantor.
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The guarantor must:

  • Have a good credit record
  • Be aged 21-85
  • Be able to take over repayments
  • Trust you to make the repayments

Pay a clear & transparent rate for your loan

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Representative APR 48.9% Fixed


Guarantor my loan

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‘Guarantor My Loan enables savers to enjoy a better return on their money than is being offered by most banks, building societies and other financial institutions. Your cash is used to fund loans to sensible borrowers who have a personal guarantor securing the loan - it’s simple and secure, and a great deal all round.*’

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An investment that matches your expectations, and gives you a fair return.
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Income product

  • 3 year term
  • 10.0% interest
  • Expected return 8% - 10%*
  • Interest paid monthly
  • Capital repaid monthly
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Term product

  • 3 year term
  • 10.0% interest
  • Expected return 8% - 10%*
  • Interest paid monthly
  • Capital repaid at end of term
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*The lending rate shown is as at 30th September 2015 and is for a 3 year term. It is before tax, assumes you reinvest throughout the term and assumes coverage from the Reserve Fund. Such rate is not guaranteed.

Your capital is at risk and is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

To become a lender on the Match the Cash platform you must be over 18 and a UK resident.

You have a 14 day cooling-off period from when you commit to lend money on via Match the Cash.

If you have any questions on whether a loan made via Match the Cash is a suitable investment or any concerns you should obtain appropriate independent advice involving a personal recommendation. The information is not intended to be relied upon as a sole basis for deciding whether or not to commit to lending via the Platform.

You may be able to access the discretionary Reserve Fund in the event of a borrower defaulting on their loan, but this is not guaranteed.

It is your responsibility to account for any income tax and other corporate or personal taxes that may be payable by you to the appropriate authorities.

You may apply to access your money early, but this may not be possible in all circumstances and you may have a pay a fee.

Norwich Finance, the liquidity provider for the Platform, may receive a higher rate than you.

Interest rates advertised by Match the Cash are indicative only and we do not guarantee that the rates advertised will be available.

The lending rate advertised on our website is subject to change dependent upon demand by both lenders and borrowers. Please ensure you have checked the published rate on the day that you intend to commit to lending. Any application accompanied with the matching funds received on the date that a given rate is published on our website will be honoured subject to other published criteria.

An investment that matches your expectations, and gives you a fair return.
  • 8%

    Typically around 8% - 10% return

  • returns

    Excellent returns

  • invest

    Invest for between 36-60 months

  • repayments

    Monthly or Term repayments

  • protection

    All loans are carefully underwritten by specialist underwriters

  • fees

    No hidden fees or charges

Your money is matched to loans for selected borrowers that have a home owner guarantor in place. You start earning interest as soon as your money is lent out after your 14 day cooling off period has elapsed.

In order to lend on the Match the Cash peer to peer platform, you won't be charged any fees. We take our running costs, and the costs for funding the reserve fund from the service fee that the borrowers pays.

There are no lender fees, we keep our overheads to a minimum enabling us to offer higher rates than traditional financial institutions.

Guarantor My Loan is a smarter, better way to save!

What is Guarantor My Loan?

Guarantor loans are becoming more well-known these days, but confusion still exists around how Guarantor Loans actually work. For those who are looking into taking out loans or who have been asked to be a guarantor loans for someone, this guide should help to answer any questions or concerns you may have before you sign on the dotted line. It’s always wise to do your research before taking out any kind of credit to ensure that it’s the right solution for you.


How Do Guarantor Loans Work?

These guarantor loans are unique in that they use a ‘guarantor’ – who is usually a friend or family member of the person who wants to borrow the money – as a type of security on the loans. They are technically unsecured loans, which means you do not have to use a valuable belonging as collateral. Other unsecured loans rely solely on the borrower’s credit history in order to work out whether the money should be lent out, but guarantor loans looks at the borrower’s credit history and the guarantor’s credit history in order to assess risk, so you may be more likely to be approved for guarantor loans if you’ve been turned down elsewhere.

The borrower and the guarantor both have to give the loans company some details and speak to someone on the phone in order to set up the loan. This helps to ensure that no one is ever instated as a guarantor without them knowing. When the money is paid out, the borrower must then make monthly loan repayments for the full term of the loan. If they don’t, then the guarantor is asked to step in and make the payments on the borrower’s behalf after the loan has been defaulted. As long as the borrower pays the full installment every month then they dont have to do anything, and the loans company will check to ensure it’s affordable for the borrower to lessen the chances of them having to step in.


Who are Guarantor Loans For?

As our guarantor loans look at both the borrower and the guarantor when considering an application,  guarantor loans can be the best solution for those with a poor or no credit history, those who have not lived in the country for very long (unfortunately you cannot bring an established credit history with you when you emigrate) and those with CCJs or similar credit history issues. A lot of first time borrowers use our loans as a way to start building up a good credit history.


How Much Can You Borrow with Guarantor Loans?

With Guarantor My Loan, you can borrow from £1000 to £5000 over 1 to 5 years. This means that you can tailor the loan amount and loan term of your loans in order to suit your needs. For example, you may want to borrow £3,000, but how much you pay back each month will depend on the loan term you choose. If you want to get the repayments out of the way within a year, then you’ll make 12 monthly payments of £308.14. For those who want to keep the repayment amount down and don’t mind paying it off over a longer period of time, then you can opt for longer. For example, borrowing £3,000 over 3 years will mean you have to make a payment of just £145.17 per month. Paying this same amount back over 5 years would mean monthly payments of £117.21. You can use the handy sliders on our website to play around with amounts and loan terms before you apply in order to see what combination would be best for you and to see how much you could borrow, subject to affordability checks with.


How Long You Can Borrow For?

Depending on the amount you want to borrow, you can opt to pay back your loan from 12 months to 5 years (60 months). As mentioned above, the length of time it takes to pay off your loan affects the amount you’ll have to pay as monthly installments. It’s important to consider this carefully before applying, as loans which would be unaffordable for the borrower are likely to be turned down as affordability is a key check with us.


How Long Does It Take to apply?

The application can take just 5 minutes and if you apply during opening hours then we will aim to call you back within just one hour. Once we are happy that your application is complete we will be able to get the money for your loans to you on the same day.  


What Happens If The Guarantor Loans Installments Aren’t Paid?

When a loan installment doesn’t come in on time, we will first try to contact the borrower to make sure that they’re aware. We will always try to find a solution with the borrower before contacting them, but if we can’t get hold of the borrower or a solution cannot be found, then the guarantor will be contacted to make the payment after the loan has been defaulted. Our guarantor loans are based on the borrower making all the payments until the loan is paid off. 


Who Can Guarantor a Loan?

Your guarantor should be chosen carefully, as they must fit into the following criteria – they must normally own their own home, have a good credit history and have enough income each month to cover the loan repayments just in case they are asked by us to step in. They must also have an active UK bank account and be at least 21 years old for guarantor loans.

They would only ever be contacted by us during the application process (so that we can be sure that they’re happy to proceed and for fraud prevention purposes) and in the unlikely event that a payment is missed.

Many people choose a close friend or family member (such as a parent or sibling) to act as a guarantor on their guarantor loans. As long as they fit the criteria above, and we’re happy that the application looks good (i.e. that both the borrower and the guarantor have passed all checks and have the means to pay the loan) then they can be your guarantor. If you have any additional questions about what it means to be a guarantor or about any aspect of the guarantor loans, please contact us on 01603 561110.

Who can be a guarantor?

For loans with us you can have repayments made by however suits you best - by Direct Debit, debit card, on the phone, online or at any PayPoint location (there are 22,000 so there should be at least one near you! You can call us any time you like to check your account, and if you find you can pay off any amount early, you stop paying interest on it immediately. There are no ‘early repayment’ fees or charges on our guarantor loans.You’ll have seen the eye-watering rates charged by the payday loans companies, and read about the additional charges that cause some people real problems if they don’t keep up their payments. Guarantor My Loan is very, very different in how they do guarantor loans.For a start, you can knock a couple of noughts off the end of the APR – our representative rate is 48.9% APR (fixed).** **Representative Example £3,000 over 3 years, representative 48.9% APR fixed. Monthly payment £145.17. The interest is 10% per annum fixed and service fee is 30.46% per annum fixed. Interest payable £549.95 and service fee payable £1,676.17. Total repayable £5,226.12. 


You're in control of your loan

We believe that you deserve a reward if you keep up a good repayment record, so if your guarantor loans are paid back in full and on schedule we’ll give back one month’s full payment! The money will go into your guarantor’s account, just like the original guarantor loan. No other company offers a reward like this – but then again, we’re the first to offer this sort of flexible personal service, too.


New Loan Lenders

We’ll aim to call you back within the hour. Who Can Be My Guarantor? If you’re looking into a guarantor loan, then you’ll need to find someone who can support your application and agree to stand as your guarantor. This is something that all guarantor loans lenders will require in order to process your application and pay out the credit that you need, so finding the right person to act as guarantor on your loan is important to avoid delays and to ensure everything goes smoothly. It helps to have a potential guarantor lined up for your guarantor loans before you apply in order to avoid delays, although you can complete your side of the application before a guarantor has been settled for your guarantor loans if you would like to.


What Does The Guarantor Actually Do on Guarantor Loans? 

A guarantor will initially need to be involved in the application process by filling out their side of the application and answering a few questions with us over the phone for the guarantor loans. After this, how involved the guarantor is in the guarantor loans process is dependent on whether the guarantor loans instalments are paid in full and on time each month or not. As we ensure that the loans are affordable for you – the borrower – then this is usually not a problem. The guarantor does not need to pay any money to us unless the loan instalments are not paid and we cannot come to a payment arrangement with the borrower and we have defaulted the guarantor loans.Who Do Other People Use As A Guarantor on their Guarantor Loans? Most of our customers tend to use a parent or other close family member as their guarantor for their loans, as they are more likely to fit the criteria of being a homeowner and having a good credit history. Close family members also often know and trust each other well, and can get in touch with each other very easily. Other popular guarantors for loans include good friends and colleagues – in short, the guarantor for loans should know and trust you well, and be comfortable that you’ll be able to repay the amount specified.How Do I Approach A Potential Guarantor?Whether you approach your guarantor face-to-face, over the phone or via the internet, it’s important to set aside enough time to talk through the process with them and give them a chance to ask questions. Acting as a guarantor is not something to be taken on lightly, so give them time to think about being a guarantor and don’t be offended if they say no. If they would like further information from us then they are welcome to contact us on 01603 561110 or via our contact form if they would like further information about what is involved.  It may be a good idea to have more than one person in mind just in case.What Does My Guarantor Have To Do If I Miss A Payment? If you miss a payment for any reason, then we will contact you in the first instance to ensure that you are aware of this. As we prefer to receive loan instalments via Direct Debit, you may not realise that a payment has not gone through properly, so you will always be our first port of call. If the payment cannot be made, then we will always try to find a solution with you first, but if we can’t get hold of you at all or if we are unable to come to an agreement moving forwards, we’ll ask your guarantor to step in and make the payment that has been missed after the loan has been defaulted. We will review this on a month-by-month basis .You should only enter into a loan if you are both happy that the loan is affordable and that you both understand you’ll be committed to paying the instalments for the full term of the loan itself. If you have any questions about how guarantor loans works or what is required of the guarantor, then we’d be happy to speak to either of you before an application is made for a guarantor loan.

About Guarantor My Loan?

Welcome to GuarantorMyLoan – we are a direct guarantor loans lender, specialising in offering credit to those with a less-than-perfect credit history. As a direct guarantor loans lender, we’re able to offer guarantor loans from £1,000 to £5,000, payable over a 1 - 5 year period at 48.9% APR (variable). Payments are made on a monthly basis, on a date we will agree on with you. This ensures the loan is manageable as it breaks it up into regular, affordable payments. What’s more, making regular payments like this on guarantor loans will also help to give your credit file a bit of a boost, as it shows you’re able to manage credit properly.


Guarantor Loans Direct

As we’re a direct guarantor loans lender, not a broker, you can be assured that you won’t have to pay back more than you have to. Direct lenders (not a broker)like Guarantor My Loan will be on comparison websites and will be promoted by brokers operating online, so if you want to avoid paying extra fees then it’s important to ensure you’re on our website independently, without having applied through somewhere else. When you apply directly through our website no extra fees are added by a broker or comparison website, saving you money in the long run and giving you direct communication with us. We’re a guarantor loans company which prides itself on great customer service, and as your application has fewer stages to go through when applying directly, you may also get your money faster.

Of course, if you do apply through a ‘middle man’, you’ll still receive the same brilliant service and benefits that our direct customers enjoy. If any additional charges are to be added to the loan to pay for the services of a broker, then this will be clearly stated on your contract.


Choosing The Best Guarantor Loans Lender For You

There is now more choice than ever when looking at online loan lenders, so finding the best loan lender for you may take a little research on your part. Different loans lenders offer different deals, benefits and incentives, so working out which is best for you overall is an important step at the beginning of the process. For example, some guarantor loans lenders may offer shop vouchers or similar upon payment of your loans, whereas here at Guarantor My Loan we offer cashback of one month’s payment upon completion of guarantor loans, as long as every instalment has been made on time, a very different product feature than is offered by many other guarantor loans lenders.

We’re fully registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we’re proud to be a guarantor loans company which is dedicated to treating our customers fairly. Take a look around the site to learn more about our loans and what we do. If you have any questions about us as a company, how guarantor loans work, your application, or an existing loan, we welcome you to get in touch on 01603 561110 – our friendly and knowledgeable advisors will be happy to help.